...tearing me apart lisa!

finally i escaped the french game holy shit i. im exhausted

i need to chill with some youtube & icecream & then go to bed

Goodbye friends I am gone

this is too convoluted for 6:30 am theres a pixel boy who was playing a game he didnt like and now hes gonna try the gmae im playing…why is this necessary……

??this soundtrack is so strange but so delightful

when do i get the freewill to save my game and quit for hte night tho im tir ed…. i cant stand trying to read this font any longer ive probably missed out on so many words i could learn but i just oculdnt be assed to try transcribing them


is tesco feeling ok 

why is there english voice acting for the battle screen

u kno other than the shitty font and the lack of subtitles fo the voice-acted villain im enjoyin this rpg this is fun

>main villain has cool voice acted lines but theres NO SUBTITLES so the ONLY WORD I UNDERSTOOD WAS MAINTENANT

oh good the enemies have a readable text font

thanks, french space captain. i dont mind being the head of ur suicide mission if it means GETTING AWAY FROM UR UNREADABLE-ASS FONT

i feel like i wouldnt have to google translate as much if this font weren’t so fucking unreadable i hate the world